Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Perfect Jewelry for the Perfect Day!

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Lockwood Necklace
Diamond Chandelier Necklace

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Lockwood Earrings
Diamond Chandelier Earrings

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unique Ideas - Greet your Guests with Chocolate

One very unique idea I came across recently was a Bride and Groom who decided to place a few plates of small chocolates on each guest table prior to dinner.  As the guests entered the reception room and took their seats, a sweet surprise awaited.  This is a great idea because it gives your guests something to indulge in as they sit down and wait for dinner to begin being served.  Besides, everyone has a sweet tooth, so who says you have to wait until after dinner to start serving dessert? 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Indulging the Sense

How can you have guests leaving your wedding saying, "This is the Best wedding I have ever been to"?  Well, a great way to ensure this is to make sure to Indulge all the Senses!

Seeing - Let your guests see something extraordinary.  Wow Them!  This is were your originality can be seen.  Perhaps you have an extravigant ceremony with never before seen outfits.  Or you save all your decor for the reception and use the surprise factor.  Either way, find some original, creative way to express yourself while surprising your guests.

Tasting - This is a huge one because when some one thinks of a wedding they usually think of the food and beverages that they will get to enjoy.  There are a number of ways to WOW your guests' taste buds while staying within budget.  For example, add one of your favorite home cooked recipes to the cocktail menu or add a sorbet pallet cleanser before the main course so that guests get the full taste bud experience.  For the drink menu, create your own personal Bride and Groom drinks that mirror your personalities and individual tastes. 

Smelling - Fill your wedding with a wide variety of aromas.  Perhaps have a ceremony out in the gardens where guests can take in the fresh air and flower smells.  Then, tease them by setting up buffet stations behind curtains and revealing the food all at the same time.  That way, guests will smell it before they see it and it will entice them even more!

Touching - Don't just treat your guests to a wonderful wedding, get them involved in it!  Have them through rose petals or blow bubbles at you and your groom during the recessional.  Include programs and menu cards that guests can read and take home.  Create desert or dinner stations that let guests build their own burgers or create their own ice cream sundaes.

Hearing - Of course a wedding needs some kind of entertainment music, but what kind?  What one person's choice of music is may not always be the another's, so find a way to incorporate it all.  Perhaps you can use a jukebox during cocktail hour and let guests select their own songs.  Send out song request cards along with your invitations and have the DJ randomly draw them from a pile during the reception.  You can even switch it up and use a mixture of a Band and DJ during your reception.