Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays

In the spirit of the Holidays I attempted to take the 25 Christmas Cook challenge I found on www.epicurious.com.  I only made it to day two.... so hopefully all of you will have better luck.  Happy Baking!

25 Days of Christmas Cookies

Whether you serve them at parties, leave them out for Santa, or mail them as gifts, it's just not Christmas without cookies. We've chosen our 25 favorite recipes, one for every day from December 1st through the 25th. From chocolate hazelnut crinkles to five-spice gingersnaps, each one is unique, beautiful, and delicious. Looking for inspiration?

Tips for perfect cookies:

    * Release with Ease

Delicate sugar cookies or jam-filled ones like rugalach can sometimes stick to the baking sheet, making them tough to remove without cracking. In the past few years, many bakers have begun using silicone baking sheet liners to solve this problem. Silicone conducts heat, so it gets just as hot as the metal sheet underneath it, but its rubbery surface prevents sticking. Silicone liners are available at housewares stores. Silpat is one popular brand.

    * Chill Before Shaping

Most types of cookie dough or batter can benefit from a stop in the fridge before they're formed. For rolled or slice-and-bake cookies, this firms up the dough, which makes it easier to roll out or slice. For drop cookies, the resting time allows the ingredients to fully meld, which creates better flavor and texture. Dough and batter can be refrigerated for as little as 30 minutes but can also be chilled, tightly wrapped, for several days.

    * Store Snugly

Once cookies are baked and cooled, they should be stored, layered between sheets of wax paper, in a covered container. In general, cookies do not need to be refrigerated, but if you plan on keeping them for longer than a few days, you might want to consider freezing them. Most cookies will hold up well during freezing as long as they're tightly wrapped to prevent freezer burn. Let them thaw at room temperature before serving.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's the Season for Bling!

Engagement Season is here and so are the RINGS!  Check out some of this year's popular styles from one of my favorite jewelers - Rogers and Hollands.

Romantic, Simple, Elegant - The princess cut is still a popular choice amount girls everywhere!

This three diamond classic original started as an anniversary ring, symbolizing a couple's "past, present, and future."  Yet in recent years this three-ring style has become one of the most popular choices for engagement rings as well!

non-traditional, unique designs.  From geometric shapes to swirls unique designs are making their way into the engagement market.  So why not design something special, represent your style, and bring something special to your bling!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Trends - Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veils are the latest trend in the Bridal World.  Check out all the different styles and options found on www.unveiledbridaldesigns.com

/i/spotlight bride/jill-hat.jpg

Enjoy the experience of custom creating your own Birdcage veil!
Choose from the "Blusher" "Angle"  "Wedge ""The Masque "Fleur Wedge" or "Bandeau style birdcages". Custom comb decoration INCLUDED!


Paige is wearing a beautiful ivory "Angle styleBirdcage veil. This veil is our most popular veil since it can be ordered in different lengths for different placement options. The model is wearing the below the eye length with a placement of above the ear. Stunning look that will compliment casual to formal gowns.  


/i/spotlight bride/kelcey-7.jpg

Welcome Kelcey is one of our newest spotlight brides. Visit our Spotlight Bride gallery for more photographs of   amazing brides.
Here are the newest members


 IntroducingThe Fleur! Available now in our French netting shop.
 Photo by Maria Bernal
See all our NEW RELEASE gallery here

/i/Bridal Veils/soft-hackle-11.jpg

/i/new veils/tn__A7C0575copy.jpg

The Bronze Wedge is a gorgeous custom birdcage that is full of Unique style and personality (available in assorted color).

 At Unveiled we long for brides to have FUN!
Relax and let Dorene create for you a veil of your dreams, or give creative freedom to Dorene and she will create a veil that is a one of a kind piece of art. Have fun & pamper yourself!
All our veils are made with a close attention to detail and a vision of the whole look of the bride. Every edge is trimmed, & all beading is hand sewn. What you will receive is a veil that will "reflect you" & have a timeless quality that can be passed down with pride to your daughter & her daughter!
Our Bride is wearing The Wedge! Order yours Wedge


/i/new veils/Vari-walking1a_1.jpg

Customizing your birdcage!
In the Veil shop there are Rush veils or you may have some fun and go to the French netting shop to create your own.

For ideas you can go to the Accessory shop & the Past Birdcage combs page. You may also send a photo of your gown and Dorene will match your dress! All birdcages are handcrafted, hand sewn and customized by Designer~Artisan Dorene Vandermeer
 Model is wearing our cretion, The Vrai
Ready for customizing now in the Illusion veil shop. 

Also ready for customizing in our catalog...
           Illusion Blusher  
                Illusion veils   

/i/new veils/paige-bavolet-flower-side1a.jpg

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wedding Traditions

The holidays are a time of joy, family, and many wonderful traditions.  So HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! 

The world around us changes every day... even the wedding industry changes.  Yet, just like cutting a turkey on thanksgiving or opening presents under a tree, there are some wedding traditions that never fade.

So in the spirit of the holidays, here is a look at some wedding traditions from www.pibweddings.com.

The word, "Wedding" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "wedd" that meant a man would marry a woman and pay the Bride's father.
Wedding bouquets were originally made of such strong herbs as thyme and garlic, which were meant to frighten away evil spirits, and to cover the stench emitting from people who had not bathed recently!
Bouquet Toss
In ancient times, it was believed that a Bride was especially lucky on her wedding day. Guests would sometimes tear at her dress for a souvenir piece of good luck to take home. The Bride's tossing of her bouquet grew from her desire to offer a good luck souvenir, and prevent guests from bothering her (and her dress!) during her reception.
Early Brides and Bridesmaids wore similar dresses in order to confuse evil spirits.
Bridal Shower
Back in the days when weddings were arranged by family members, it is said that a poor Dutchman fell in love with a girl whose father refused her a dowry. Their friends showered her with enough gifts to help them start a household. According to another story, the first "Bridal Shower" occurred at the end of the 19th century. At a party, the Bride's friends placed small gifts inside a parasol and opened it over the Bride's head. When she opened the parasol, she was "showered" with presents!
Bridal Veil
When marriages were arranged by family members, the newlyweds very rarely were allowed to see one another. Family members exchanging a dowry were afraid that if the Groom didn't like the appearance of the Bride's face, he might refuse to marry her. This is why the Father of the Bride "gave the Bride away" to the Groom at the actual wedding ceremony. Only after lifting her veil just prior to the ceremony did the Groom see the Bride's face for the first time! Early Greek and Roman Brides wore red or yellow veils to represent fire, and to ward off demons.
Carrying The Bride Over The Threshold
When a Groom used to steal his Bride from her tribe, he was forced to carry her kicking and screaming. This act of thievery has evolved into a more romantic gesture,  welcoming the Bride into her new home.
Brides originally tossed a garter, rather than a bouquet, at a wedding reception. In the 14th century, this custom changed after Brides became tired of fighting off drunken men who tried to remove the garter themselves! According to one legend, the garter toss in England evolved from an earlier tradition of "flinging the stocking". On their wedding night, guests would follow the Bride and Groom to their bedroom, wait until they undressed, steal their stockings, and then "fling" them at the couple! The first person to hit the Bride or Groom on the head would supposedly be the next person to marry.
Ring Finger
Prior to the 5th century, the ring finger was actually the index finger. Later, it was believed that the third finger contained the "vein of love" that led directly to the heart.
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue
This superstition of the Bride wearing something that fits each of these four categories originated in Europe to ward off evil spirits. Something Old: This tradition symbolized the sense of continuity while making the transition from a single person to that of a married couple. Something New: This tradition symbolized that marriage represented a transition to adulthood. Something Borrowed: This tradition symbolized the popular belief that by borrowing something from a happily married couple, good fortune would follow the newlyweds. Something Blue: In ancient Israel, blue was the border color of the Bride's dress, symbolizing purity, constancy and fidelity.
Stag Parties
This is the male equivalent of the Bridal Shower. Roman empire soldiers would feast with the Groom the night before his wedding to say goodbye to his irresponsible days of bachelorhood, and to renew their vows of allegiance to their friendships.
Tossing Rice
By believing that newlyweds brought good luck, guests used to shower them with nuts and grains to insure a bountiful harvest, and many children to work the land. During years of a poor harvest, rice was tossed instead. This tradition continues today with rice or birdseed (where permitted), or bubbles to wish the Bride and Groom much happiness. Incidentally, it is not true that birds eating rice thrown after a wedding ceremony will cause their stomachs to enlarge and eventually explode. This myth may have simply evolved from church and synagogue employees weary from cleaning up after every wedding ceremony!
Until the 20th century, the Groom simply wore his "Sunday best" on his wedding day. It is said that President Teddy Roosevelt popularized the modern tuxedo.
Tying The Knot
This comes from the days of the Roman empire when the Bride wore a girdle that was tied in knots. The Groom untied the knots prior to the consummation of their marriage.
Wedding Cake
Also during the days of the Roman empire, wedding cakes were baked of wheat or barley. At the reception, they were traditionally broken over the head of the new Bride by the Groom as a symbol of her fertility. Guests would then scramble for pieces of the cake, and take them home for good luck. It later became a tradition to place many small cakes on top of each other as high as possible. The newlyweds would then try to exchange a kiss over the top of the tower of cakes without knocking them down. During the reign of King Charles II of England, the baker added icing, and the modern style of wedding cake was born. It is unclear when the tradition of the newlyweds smashing wedding cake into each other's face first began, and uncertain if such marriages are consummated later that day or evening!
Wedding Ring
According to some historians, the first recorded marriage rings date back to the days when early man tied plaited circlets around the Bride's wrists and ankles to keep her spirit from running away. Approximately 3,000 BC, Egyptians originated the phrase "without beginning, without end" in describing the significance of the wedding ring. These rings were made of woven hemp which constantly wore out and needed replacement. Although Romans originally used iron, gold is now used as a symbol of all that is pure. Diamonds were first used by Italians, who believed that it was created from the flames of love. In some European cultures, the wedding ring is worn on the right hand. In other cultures, an engagement ring is worn on the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the right hand.
Wedding Toast
It is said that this tradition first began in France, where bread would be placed in the bottom of two drinking glasses for the newlyweds. They would then drink as fast as they could to be the first person to get to the toast. According to legend, the winner would rule their household!
White Wedding Dress
This was made popular in the 1840's by Queen Victoria, who chose this instead of the traditional royal "silver" wedding dress. Prior to this, Brides simply wore their best dress on their wedding day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tired of DIY?

Are you tired of getting convinced that DIY is the way to go?  Are you overwhelmed by all the last minute wedding stationary items you still have to put together? 

The Invitations
The Programs
The Menu Cards
The Escort Cards
The Thank You Notes

Why stress yourself out only weeks until your big day trying to do all this yourself?  Let Us Help!  Contact Us to view our wide selection of Carlson Craft Stationary and receive 10% off your entire order!  Click on the Side Link Today!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seasonal Inspirations - Halloween Weddings

Fall wedding season is here and so is Halloween... so here are some inspirational ideas for Halloween Holiday Lovers.

* Pumpkin Candle Wedding Favors - Let guests take home the scents of fall!

* Trick-or-Treat Sweet Tables - All the favorite candy you loved getting an Halloween can now be part of your sweet table!  Let your guests fill their own small good bags of treats!

* Orange accents - Yes, there is such a thing as too much orange, so spread the color around and let it fill the room without over powering the eyes.

Here's an example of Halloween inspirations:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Perfect Jewelry for the Perfect Day!

Rent your wedding day Jewelry from Adorn Brides! It is perfect as your something borrowed and adds that extra touch of "bling"!  You're the Queen of your special day, so why not wear Jewelry fit for a Queen as well! Click on the Link to the left to get an extra 20% off!

Here is one set you just can't say no to!

Lockwood Necklace
Diamond Chandelier Necklace

With its pear-shaped drops and dramatic center chandelier ornament, this statement Diamond Chandelier Necklace piece is a show-stopper. Borrow bridal jewelry like this and you will add a focal point to any wedding day look.

Retail Value:  $24,000.00
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Lockwood Earrings
Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Rent jewelry such as these stunning diamond chandelier earrings and instantly become the center of attention! Now you can borrow jewelry TODAY and add a touch of glamour to your wedding day.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unique Ideas - Greet your Guests with Chocolate

One very unique idea I came across recently was a Bride and Groom who decided to place a few plates of small chocolates on each guest table prior to dinner.  As the guests entered the reception room and took their seats, a sweet surprise awaited.  This is a great idea because it gives your guests something to indulge in as they sit down and wait for dinner to begin being served.  Besides, everyone has a sweet tooth, so who says you have to wait until after dinner to start serving dessert? 

Monday, September 7, 2009

Indulging the Sense

How can you have guests leaving your wedding saying, "This is the Best wedding I have ever been to"?  Well, a great way to ensure this is to make sure to Indulge all the Senses!

Seeing - Let your guests see something extraordinary.  Wow Them!  This is were your originality can be seen.  Perhaps you have an extravigant ceremony with never before seen outfits.  Or you save all your decor for the reception and use the surprise factor.  Either way, find some original, creative way to express yourself while surprising your guests.

Tasting - This is a huge one because when some one thinks of a wedding they usually think of the food and beverages that they will get to enjoy.  There are a number of ways to WOW your guests' taste buds while staying within budget.  For example, add one of your favorite home cooked recipes to the cocktail menu or add a sorbet pallet cleanser before the main course so that guests get the full taste bud experience.  For the drink menu, create your own personal Bride and Groom drinks that mirror your personalities and individual tastes. 

Smelling - Fill your wedding with a wide variety of aromas.  Perhaps have a ceremony out in the gardens where guests can take in the fresh air and flower smells.  Then, tease them by setting up buffet stations behind curtains and revealing the food all at the same time.  That way, guests will smell it before they see it and it will entice them even more!

Touching - Don't just treat your guests to a wonderful wedding, get them involved in it!  Have them through rose petals or blow bubbles at you and your groom during the recessional.  Include programs and menu cards that guests can read and take home.  Create desert or dinner stations that let guests build their own burgers or create their own ice cream sundaes.

Hearing - Of course a wedding needs some kind of entertainment music, but what kind?  What one person's choice of music is may not always be the another's, so find a way to incorporate it all.  Perhaps you can use a jukebox during cocktail hour and let guests select their own songs.  Send out song request cards along with your invitations and have the DJ randomly draw them from a pile during the reception.  You can even switch it up and use a mixture of a Band and DJ during your reception.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grass Got Your Heel?

Here are some great solutions for those outdoor summer weddings.  Heel Stoppers are a great solution for preventing those fancy shoes from sinking into the grass!

They come in a variety of sizes and options that fit all styles and budgets.

Check out some of these links:



Saturday, August 29, 2009

How Hiring a Professional Wedding Planner Can Help You Save

Hiring a professional wedding planner for your special day, can help you save in three main ways:

1) Saving Money - The experience, knowledge, and vendor relations a professional wedding planner has will help you save money in many aspects of your wedding.  In fact, the amount you save can often exceed the amount you spend to hire!

2) Save Time - In today's busy society, planning a wedding can seem like fun at first, but takes a great deal of time that the average working person doesn't always have.  Time consuming requirements such as vendor research and selection can turn a fun planning experience into a dreading process.  So why do it?  Let a professional wedding planner put the time and effort into doing the research, while you simply enjoy the this special time in your life!

3) Save Stress - Stress is an awful thing!  It takes a toll on our minds, spirits, and even physical health.  Who needs any of that while planning one the the best experiences in their entire lives?  So, forget the stress and let a professional wedding planner do all the worrying for you.  A professional wedding planner has the knowledge and experience necessary to help prevent the daily stress that comes with planning a wedding.  Most importantly, Day-Off Wedding Coordination allows you and your family to be worry free.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy being a guest at your own wedding!