Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun with Color and Design

Are you having trouble picking your wedding color combination or deciding on your table decor?  Well here are two great websites that can help.


With the Color Studio, you can help play with color shades.  Whether it is similar hues or contrasting colors, the color wheel can help.


With the BBJ Linen design center, you can create your table top right on your computer screen!  Choose from a variety of linens, napkins, and chair cover designs to help create your perfect look.  Or need a little help, then check out some of their recommended combinations.  
Now how do you take all these great design ideas and turn them into reality?  Well that's were we come in.  Contact Jane Allen Event to make all your design visions come to life!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Non-Floral Centerpieces

Today, flowers are no longer the only table design option out there. Non-floral centerpieces are starting to make way and become the new trend.

However, be careful, there are some good and bad options. Some non-floral centerpieces to stay away from:

1) Fish Bowls - Fish are great, when they are alive and swimming. No one wants to see dead fish at a wedding, so don't risk it!

2) Pumpkins - Pumpkins are great for Halloween, but as a centerpiece they are messy and smelly! Plus, its your wedding, so you shouldn't be carving pumpkins the night before, and neither should your family or friends!

3) Wedding Cakes or other open food - Wedding cakes as centerpieces are a great idea, initially. But by the middle of the night, that cake has been sitting out for hours and has probably either been poked by a child or sneezed on by a guest.. who wants to eat that at the end of the night?

4) Balloons - Balloons are great for other events - but this is a wedding! Go classy! and if you must use balloons make sure that they have hi-float in them which is a sticky substance that keeps them from deflating for up to 24 hours.

Now, here are some Great options for non-floral centerpieces

1) Candles
2) Feathers
3) Lamps
4) Fruit
5) Branches
6) Shells
7) Stones/Rocks

AND MUCH MORE! Check out some of these great ideas below!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 5 Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Trends

Recently, The Knot came out with their top 10 wedding dress trends for spring 2010.  Check out the top 5 below and visit The Knot to see all 10!

Trend 1: '50s Flair 

Bridal designers must be as obsessed with Mad Men as we are: There were enough high necklines, tulle skirts, and tea-length styles on the runway to make even Don Draper swoon!

Dress by Anne Barge

Trend 2: Bits of Black

Not just for the goth bride anymore, this dark hue showed up in all kinds of wedding dress details, from dainty bows and sashes to bolder, allover embellishments.

Dress by Jenny Packham

Trend 3: The Bold Shoulder 

Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama, it seems the one-shoulder style has really taken off. But this season, unlike in years past, the over-the-top details are what really make these asymmetrical necklines stand out.

Dress by Anne Bowen

Trend 4: Bows

From droopy satin styles to more structural ones, these girly details are the hottest knots to hit the bridal fashion runways.

Dress by Amsale

Trend 5: Couture Cover-ups

You want to wear a strapless gown, but don't want to feel overly bare? You're in luck. This season, you can take your pick from floor-length lace coats, airy tulle boleros, feathered capelets, and more.

Dress by Monique Lhuillier

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Venue Wedding Planners Vs. Wedding Coordinators

Recently, I have heard a lot of brides say that their venues provide them with wedding planners, so they do not need to get a wedding coordinator as well. However, I must advise caution because a "Venue Wedding Planner" DOES NOT EQUAL a Wedding Coordinator. For a smooth flowing, stress free day, a Wedding Coordinator is your solution, and can even work hand in hand with a venue wedding planner to ensure your perfect day.

5 top reasons why you should still hire a wedding coordinator are:

1) The Wedding Coordinator's timeline does not start at the reception; instead a Wedding Coordinator travels with you throughout your wedding day.

2) A Wedding Coordinator is there to walk you down the aisle. From lining up your bridal party to fixing your dress and opening the ceremony entrance doors, the Wedding Coordinator is there.

3) A Wedding Coordinator knows what is in all your other vendor contracts and is able to ensure that vendors such as the florist, photographer, videographer and DJ carry out everything that is said in those contracts.
4) A Wedding Coordinator is there to do all the little details a venue might not such as setting up ceremony items, setting the guest favors, ect and then packing up all those personal items at the end of the night.

5) A Wedding Coordinator has an emergency kit. Whether it is a broken nail or a missing hair pin, a Wedding Coordinator carries a large kit of items for all those little emergencies.