Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wedding Trends - Birdcage Veils

Birdcage Veils are the latest trend in the Bridal World.  Check out all the different styles and options found on

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Enjoy the experience of custom creating your own Birdcage veil!
Choose from the "Blusher" "Angle"  "Wedge ""The Masque "Fleur Wedge" or "Bandeau style birdcages". Custom comb decoration INCLUDED!


Paige is wearing a beautiful ivory "Angle styleBirdcage veil. This veil is our most popular veil since it can be ordered in different lengths for different placement options. The model is wearing the below the eye length with a placement of above the ear. Stunning look that will compliment casual to formal gowns.  


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Welcome Kelcey is one of our newest spotlight brides. Visit our Spotlight Bride gallery for more photographs of   amazing brides.
Here are the newest members


 IntroducingThe Fleur! Available now in our French netting shop.
 Photo by Maria Bernal
See all our NEW RELEASE gallery here

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The Bronze Wedge is a gorgeous custom birdcage that is full of Unique style and personality (available in assorted color).

 At Unveiled we long for brides to have FUN!
Relax and let Dorene create for you a veil of your dreams, or give creative freedom to Dorene and she will create a veil that is a one of a kind piece of art. Have fun & pamper yourself!
All our veils are made with a close attention to detail and a vision of the whole look of the bride. Every edge is trimmed, & all beading is hand sewn. What you will receive is a veil that will "reflect you" & have a timeless quality that can be passed down with pride to your daughter & her daughter!
Our Bride is wearing The Wedge! Order yours Wedge


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Customizing your birdcage!
In the Veil shop there are Rush veils or you may have some fun and go to the French netting shop to create your own.

For ideas you can go to the Accessory shop & the Past Birdcage combs page. You may also send a photo of your gown and Dorene will match your dress! All birdcages are handcrafted, hand sewn and customized by Designer~Artisan Dorene Vandermeer
 Model is wearing our cretion, The Vrai
Ready for customizing now in the Illusion veil shop. 

Also ready for customizing in our catalog...
           Illusion Blusher  
                Illusion veils   

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