Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Hairstyles - Do's and Dont's

When deciding on your wedding hairstyle, here are some simple tips to follow.

- Meet your hairstylist for the first time on the wedding day
- Use any conditioners the night before or the day of (prevents bobby pins from holding)
- Forget your veil as part of your hairstyle
- Put your hair in a pony tale the night before or the morning of, after showering - especially if you are planning to wear it down.  
- Your research! Find hairstyles that you like so your hairstylist knows where to start. 
- Schedule a trial run with your hairstylist
- Do take pictures during your trail run - if you don't like what you look like in the pictures, don't risk it!
- Purchase any flowers, hair pins, or tiaras you would like to use (don't assume your hair stylist will provide these items)
- Bring along extra hairspray, straightener, and/or curler for those "into the evening" touch-ups 

Now here are some of 2010's most popular hairstyles from The

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