Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ice Cream Trucks and Weddings

The sound of an ice cream truck is something no one ever forgets. As kids, we wait and listen, and when that ice cream truck finally comes, we gather with our friends and one by one purchase that special ice cream cone or popsicle that has never tasted better! Even though it is a childhood experience, the joy and excitement that comes with hearing the ice cream truck sound never goes away. So why not make it part of your wedding and bring back the childhood memories for all your guests!

Ice Cream Trucks at weddings is a trend that I have been seeing pop up more and more. They are a great treat after hot, summer day ceremonies when your guests still have a while to wait before a reception. Or, bring the cart to the reception, and park it outside a tent or entrance way for everyone to share! Not a huge ice cream fan, try a snow cone instead! Check out these ideas below!

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