Thursday, March 4, 2010

Venue Wedding Planners Vs. Wedding Coordinators

Recently, I have heard a lot of brides say that their venues provide them with wedding planners, so they do not need to get a wedding coordinator as well. However, I must advise caution because a "Venue Wedding Planner" DOES NOT EQUAL a Wedding Coordinator. For a smooth flowing, stress free day, a Wedding Coordinator is your solution, and can even work hand in hand with a venue wedding planner to ensure your perfect day.

5 top reasons why you should still hire a wedding coordinator are:

1) The Wedding Coordinator's timeline does not start at the reception; instead a Wedding Coordinator travels with you throughout your wedding day.

2) A Wedding Coordinator is there to walk you down the aisle. From lining up your bridal party to fixing your dress and opening the ceremony entrance doors, the Wedding Coordinator is there.

3) A Wedding Coordinator knows what is in all your other vendor contracts and is able to ensure that vendors such as the florist, photographer, videographer and DJ carry out everything that is said in those contracts.
4) A Wedding Coordinator is there to do all the little details a venue might not such as setting up ceremony items, setting the guest favors, ect and then packing up all those personal items at the end of the night.

5) A Wedding Coordinator has an emergency kit. Whether it is a broken nail or a missing hair pin, a Wedding Coordinator carries a large kit of items for all those little emergencies.

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