Thursday, March 11, 2010

Non-Floral Centerpieces

Today, flowers are no longer the only table design option out there. Non-floral centerpieces are starting to make way and become the new trend.

However, be careful, there are some good and bad options. Some non-floral centerpieces to stay away from:

1) Fish Bowls - Fish are great, when they are alive and swimming. No one wants to see dead fish at a wedding, so don't risk it!

2) Pumpkins - Pumpkins are great for Halloween, but as a centerpiece they are messy and smelly! Plus, its your wedding, so you shouldn't be carving pumpkins the night before, and neither should your family or friends!

3) Wedding Cakes or other open food - Wedding cakes as centerpieces are a great idea, initially. But by the middle of the night, that cake has been sitting out for hours and has probably either been poked by a child or sneezed on by a guest.. who wants to eat that at the end of the night?

4) Balloons - Balloons are great for other events - but this is a wedding! Go classy! and if you must use balloons make sure that they have hi-float in them which is a sticky substance that keeps them from deflating for up to 24 hours.

Now, here are some Great options for non-floral centerpieces

1) Candles
2) Feathers
3) Lamps
4) Fruit
5) Branches
6) Shells
7) Stones/Rocks

AND MUCH MORE! Check out some of these great ideas below!

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